Medpark launches 1 Day Surgery - We operate quickly and well
24 May 2017
You need surgery, but you constantly postpone it? You can’t miss more than one day of work? Here’s an end to the long days lost on the hospital bed!... Learn more »
New laser beauty treatments available at Medpark!
26 Apr 2017
Unitatea Cosmetologie Medpark și-a completat gama de servicii cu noi tratamente laser pentru sănătate și frumusețe. Unitatea a inclus în... Learn more »
New minimally invasive methods in urology, available at Medpark!
26 Apr 2017
Medpark International Hospital continues to expand its portfolio of innovative, minimally invasive methods. The first 4 interventions in the field of... Learn more »
Who can benefit of In Vitro Fertilization?
23 Jun 2017
Currently 1 in 6 couples have fertility problems. The impact is felt both psychologically and socially. There are treatments with complex... Learn more »
How does birth control pills affect fertility?
23 Jun 2017
Many women have avoided conceiving a baby until they have felt the need to become mums. In most cases, women resort to contraception. Regarding... Learn more »
AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone)
23 Jun 2017
A frequent question is whether women with low levels of AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) can become pregnant, regardless of their reproductive age. The... Learn more »