CSR projects

CSR projects


Socially responsible nature of Medpark International Hospital is manifested by:

  • investments in health, directly contributing to the increase of the quality standards and safety;
  • investment in doctors training, which, along with foreign specialists, conduct
  • numerous national premiers;
  • investment in public information campaigns on various health issues,
  • contributing to the increase of medical education;
  • investment in sports by promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • support to disadvantaged families in Moldova.


"We get involved because we care" – Medpark supports the organization of a series of events aimed at informing the public correctly on combating HIV/AIDS; on the effects of diabetes; on combating cardiovascular disease; on suicide prevention; on importance of blood donation:

  • World AIDS Day;
  • International Heart Day;
  • World Diabetes Day;
  • World Suicide Prevention Day;
  • Blood Donor Day.

"We learn together how to properly treat ourselves" – Medpark initiated in 2012 a Summer Medical School, a project addressed to the public through which the doctors from our hospital offered within some open seminars, information on the top 10 most popular medical subjects: birth, in vitro fertilization, emergencies in children, minimally invasive surgical methods, man health etc.

"Preparing parents for happy babies" – Based on the desire to be with each couple and to grant all the necessary support before the baby is born, Medpark launched the Prenatal Educational Center with the motto "Preparing parents for happy babies". Thus, with a multidisciplinary team formed by gynecologists, neonatologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists, Medpark runs a series of practical medical sessions, which teach parents some newborn care secrets, for the baby, to grow up strong and healthy.

„I am healthy, I grow up nicely!” – Medpark continues medical education project dedicated to primary school children in order to familiarize them with basic hygiene rules. Medpark's intention is to provide the little ones with relevant medical information that can help them to be healthy, to grow up nicely.

„Help us protect your heart!” – Medpark initiated in 2014 an information campaign on the risks posed by undetected cardiovascular disease and the importance of periodic checks on time. The actuality of the campaign is conditioned by the increasing number of deaths from cardiovascular disease across the country, including among the younger generation.


"We support an active way of life" – Medpark supports for 4 consecutive years the International “Davis Cup” Tennis Championships 

"Green Run" – Medpark continues to support sporting events, with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, the company decided to contribute financially to the race "Green Run", an event dedicated to running and cycling enthusiasts. The 2014 race brought together over 50 participants and enjoyed great success. The goal of these partnerships is to remind people how important it is to have an active life style, which is the secure way to health.

Football World Cup – In 2014, with the support of Medpark, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre Square hosted events dedicated to the World Cup, providing real-time visibility of the most important matches held in Brazil. On this occasion, Medpark reminded the thousands of participants the benefits of an active lifestyle, regardless the kind of sport.

Moldova Golf Cup – Medpark supported for the 3rd consecutive year the Moldova Golf Cup event for media institutions in Moldova, as well as for marketing and advertising agencies.

"The medicine of tomorrow starts with investment in science today" – Medpark runs a series of national and international conferences to keep doctors informed on the latest techniques in medical diagnosis and treatment.