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Health journal

Currently 1 in 6 couples have fertility problems. The impact is felt both psychologically and socially.

Many women have avoided conceiving a baby until they have felt the need to become mums.

A frequent question is whether women with low levels of AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) can become pregnant, regardless of their reproductive age.
The granular cells surrounding the oocytes release AMH.
AMH levels reflect the total number of oocytes available in the ovary.
Patients with low a vitamin D level may get lower AMH results.

A brain tumor is a mass of tissue that is formed by an accumulation of abnormal cells within the brain. 

Hair transplantation using the follicular unit extraction method. Exclusive at Medpark

Every cycle of ART involves multiple steps, and each occurs at a specific time during a four to six-week period. The following is an overview of the IVF procedure. The procedure begins in the month proceeding the actual ART cycle. An IVF cycle typically includes the following steps or procedures: