Bringing new insights into the healthcare experience in Moldova

Bringing new insights into the healthcare experience in Moldova

20 September, 2018

Medpark International Hospital, the founder member of the Union of Private Healthcare Providers of the Republic of Moldova (UIMSP), marked this summer with its iconic art project “In their eyes”.

"In their eyes, the patient is the center of the Universe" With this generic slogan an itinerant portrait exhibition is traveling throughout Moldova both physically and virtually for the last months. 

In the eyes of doctors we see borderless care, long hours of work, life stories, sparkling little victories, and great miracles. Their trust, the hope and the endless believe in human dignity remain in their eyes.

In their eyes we find the person behind the surgical masks and the gowns - the life-saving individual.

Olga Schiopu, general manager of Medpark International Hospital commented the launching of the project: "This exhibition started with Medpark’s motto Out of respect for life, with love for people. We wanted to give new insight into our work. Healing people is one of the oldest and very complicated professions, it is a commitment and a self-dedication, and, not least, it is an art, the art of loving and helping people, which we wanted to present through the prism of photography. We value the contribution of our medical professionals to the results of our hospital. Being a doctor is not an easy job. That is why this art project is a tribute to those who practice this noble profession in spite of all the challenges. "

The itinerant exhibition consisting of 29 artistic photos that look deep into the doctors’ eyes has been already presented to the larger public in Chisinau’s Organ Hall, in the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, medical institutions and most attended public places. The idea to mainstream art and photography in the medical institution’s day to day life aims to raise the awareness of the broader society towards the importance of the mission carried by the healthcare professionals in the context of various challenges Moldovan health system is facing, including the brain drain and mass migration of medical personnel.

The International Hospital Medpark - the first modern, private, multi-disciplinary city hospital accredited JCI in 2013 is a unique institution in Moldova where over 200 renown healthcare professionals with national and international expertise work, using modern technologies, innovative approaches and highly performant solutions to bring new insights into the healthcare experience in Moldova.