New minimally invasive methods in urology, available at Medpark!

New minimally invasive methods in urology, available at Medpark!

26 April, 2017

Medpark International Hospital continues to expand its portfolio of innovative, minimally invasive methods. The first 4 interventions in the field of urology performed through laparoscopy lay the foundation of a new development direction at the Medpark Surgery Center, offering patients alternative solutions for their health problems, which up until now could only be treated through open surgeries. 



Aureliu Batrînac, medical director Medpark:  „Healthcare is a field which has evolved a lot in the last few years, and in order to successfully perform in this field, it is necessary to see, to know and to learn continuously, being connected to the trends. Experience exchange with specialists and medical institutions at European, or even global level, allows us to perfect our skills and to add to the wide variety of medical services at Medpark more innovative methods, accessible in top medical institutions in the world.”





Victor Muntean, urologist at Medpark, underwent a training course in the field of laparoscopic interventions in urology at a the prestigious German clinic “SLK Kliniken”, under the mentorship of the German professor Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Jens Rassweiler and Dr. med. Ali Serdar Gözen, which are ones of the best laparoscopic interventions urologists in Europe. When returned to the country, Dr. Munteanu, alongside his mentor and assisted by the Medpark team, has performed several laparoscopic interventions in urology, among which: 

  • Nephrectomy through laparoscopy (removal of tumorous kidney);
  • Laparoscopic treatment of inguinal hernia;
  • Ureterolithotomy through laparoscopy (removal of ureter calculi).

Victor Muntean, urologist at Medpark:  „Thanks to the progress of minimally invasive techniques, the rate of open surgeries in the West has decreased by 5-10%, and Medpark keeps up with all the evolutions in the field. Laparoscopy is a method largely used in general surgery, its main advantage being the quick recovery of the patient. The interventions recently performed at Medpark are a first step in expanding the use of laparoscopy in urology, in order to offer our patients modern and efficient solutions, as well as being less traumatic for them."

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical intervention which, due to the very small incisions, has a minimal impact on the body structures.​


Ali Serdar Gözen, urologist, specialist in laparoscopic interventions, member of the European Board of Laparoscopic Urology: „One of our patients is a man with an 8 cm tumor on his left kidney. In such a difficult case, it is usually indicated to remove it through open surgery. But the laparoscopic intervention performed on this patient allows him to recuperate in a shorter term, thus he will be able to return home earlier, and get back to his usual lifestyle. I know that in Moldova there are a lot of good and experienced doctors, and Dr. Victor Munteanu is one of them – well prepared, interested, skilled, and this is why I am convinced that he will successfully perform numerous similar interventions.”