Heart Care Center

Heart Care Center

At Medpark your heart is safe and receives the best care possible, because we are the only private hospital in Moldova, which has developed in accordance with international standards, a center of excellence dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases - Medpark Center of Myocardial InfarctionOur top experts, the most advanced medical diagnostics and treatment technologies allow us to cope with any kind of cardiomyopathy or complications in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

We are committed to the classical surgical and minimally invasive techniques that give the patient the opportunity to take advantage of a faster treatment with minimal discomfort and short-term hospitalization.

A comprehensive team of interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of higher category perform the choice of the most effective method of treatment. 

Why to choose Medpark Heart Care Center:

  • We are the only healthcare center in the Republic of Moldova that performs all the diagnostic and treatment stages in heart diseases, including heart surgery;
  • We have the best experts in the field of cardiac surgery and interventional surgery from Moldova and from abroad;
  • We have the most modern medical equipment enabling us to perform accurate and fast diagnosis and proper treatment;
  • The services at international standards guarantee the safety of medical act and the best results;
  • We are at your disposal every day 24/7 and can intervene at any time for any cardiovascular emergency.

 Full range of cardiovascular surgical treatments

Advanced equipment and modern cardiology diagnostic methods

Cardiology consultations from a team of medical professionals with proven experience

Minimally invasive treatments for cardiovascular diseases

Medpark medical director, cardiovascular surgeon, PhD, superior category, associate professor, associate researcher (full-time Medpark)
Anesthesiologist & intensivist doctor, PhD, second category (duty doctor)
Interventional cardiologist, 1st category (full-time Medpark)
Cardiologist, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Interventional cardiologist (full-time Medpark)
Anesthesiologist & intensivist doctor, Ist category (full-time Medpark)
Cardiologist, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Internist, cardiologist, PhD, associate professor, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Perfusionist surgeon, 1st category (full-time Medpark)
Ecographist, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Cardiologist, superiory category (duty doctor)
Cardiovascular surgeon (full-time Medpark)
Ecographist, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Interventional cardiologist (full-time Medpark)
Cardiovascular surgeon, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Cardiologist (full-time Medpark)
Cardiovascular surgeon, IInd category (full-time Medpark)
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