International patients

International patients


Medical tourism in Moldova, Eastern Europe, is steadily increasing. Patients from different countries are treated in the largest private hospital in the country – Medpark International Hospital.

Medpark International Hospital has created a special department for medical tourism, offering foreign citizens services of medical treatment in Moldova, Eastern Europe. The activity of Medpark International Hospital is regulated by local and international institutions. The high level of service quality and patient safety is according to healthcare standards worldwide.

Medpark Hospital, as a private medical institution, promotes a flexible pricing policy adapted to market realities and dynamics, offering each foreign patient individualized services.
Medical tourists are foreign nationals visiting Moldova to receive high quality medical services at very low prices. Most of these patients come from Russia, Israel, Ukraine, the USA, Romania, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, Great Britain and Sweden.

The main reasons why people come to Moldova, Eastern Europe, for medical services:

  • Poor quality of medical services in their countries of residence, the overall low level of healthcare.
  • Lack of experience of local physicians in performing certain procedures and/or lack of modern equipment.
  • Long queues, bureaucratic difficulties.
  • The high cost of medical services, the inability to pay for treatment or for medical insurance.
  • The need for specific treatment and medicines that have not been approved in the country of origin.
  • The desire to combine the treatment with a visit to another country, sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives.

One of the reasons for medical tourism development in Moldova, Eastern Europe, is the high quality of medical services, recognized both in Europe and in the world.
The professionalism of Medpark International Hospital staff, the unique treatment methods, the advanced equipment and innovative medical technologies– all these factors attract many foreign patients who cannot get or pay for similar medical services in their countries.

Medical procedures in various areas of healthcare, provided in Moldova, have a high success rate, higher than the world average figures.

Moldovan together with Turkish specialists working at Medpark International Hospital demonstrate excellent results in the areas of IVF, cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and bariatric surgery.

We encourage patients to take the opportunity to compare the efficacy of treatment in clinics in several countries and to make a wise choice.

Medical tourism in Moldova is popular mainly because of the attractive costs for treatments, the high level of professionalism of medical staff and short rehabilitation period.

The cost of medical services within Medpark International Hospital is very affordable, compared to the US and Western Europe. Very often, our prices for medical services are five to ten times lower than in the private institutions in US or Europe.

Medical tourism in Moldova is encouraged also because there are no language barriers between the patients and the medical staff. Most of Medpark International Hospital employees speak Russian and English. The department of Medical Tourism at Medpark International Hospital offers to each patient a translator and an accompanying person, who coordinates the treatment process, facilitating communication with doctors and nurses.

Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist (full-time Medpark)
Orthopaedic-traumatologist, IInd category (full-time Medpark)
Plastic surgeon (full-time Medpark)
Anesthesiologist & intensivist doctor, PhD, DESA (part-time Medpark)
Medpark medical director, cardiovascular surgeon, PhD, superior category, associate professor, associate researcher (full-time Medpark)
Ophthalmologist surgeon, PhD, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Orthopaedic-traumatologist, 2nd category (part-time Medpark)
Ophthalmologist surgeon, PhD, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Neurosurgeon, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Interventional cardiologist (full-time Medpark)
Orthopaedic-traumatologist (full-time Medpark)
Cardiologist, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Plastic surgeon (at the invitation)
Vascular surgeon (full-time Medpark)
ENT doctor, Ist category (full-time Medpark)
Plastic surgery consultant (at the invitation)
Anesthesiologist & intensivist doctor, PhD, superior category (part-time Medpark)
General surgeon, PhD, associate professor, superior category (at the invitation)
Orthopaedic-vertebrologist, superior category (part-time Medpark)
Cardiovascular surgeon, superior category (full-time Medpark)
Orthopaedic-traumatologist, PhD, superior category, associate professor (full-time Medpark)
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