Demidetkaia Marina

Demidetkaia Marina

Demidetkaia Marina

Dentist (full-time Medpark)


2007-2012: Higher education at Dentistry faculty, University of Medicine and Pharmacy,, N. Testemiţeanu "in Chisinau, Moldova

2014: Courses of restoration therapy with the use of equipment, materials and technologies Corporation "Dentsply International". Training center "Apolonia" Radlinsky SV, Poltava, Ukraine

2014: Multi-dentistry (endodontics, restorations direct and unconjugated), Maxim Belograd, Chisinau

2015: Cermet and facets, Maxim Belograd, Odessa, Ukraine

Professional experience:

2013-2014: Assistant to principal specialist "Jorge Dental Studio"

2014-2016: Dentist "Dent Park"

2016 - present: Dentist at Medpark International Hospital, Chisinau, Moldova

Spoken languages:

Russian, Romanian, English



Thanks to the doctor Marina Demidețkaia! She is a very good specialist, who works very carefully and thoroughly. After restoration, my teeth looked very natural, as if they were mine. And after the procedure and anesthesia I did not feel any pain, as has happened before addressing to Medpark. Also, I like the ambiance and friendliness of the staff here. I'm glad we have such a hospital in Chisinau. Thank you!


Magdaliuc Victor