Who are we

Who are we

Medpark International Hospital is the first and the biggest multidisciplinary private hospital in the Republic of Moldova. Open 24/7, the hospital provides services in compliance with the health standards recognized worldwide and at the same level as leading medical institutions on the international market. Medpark brings together more than 200 doctors, lecturers, doctors in medical science that covers all medical and surgical specialties and treat more than 70,000 patients annually.

The infrastructure of Medpark offers exceptional conditions for diagnostics and surgical treatment of the patients, and namely:

  • 5 operating rooms integrated in the rooms of intensive therapy and reanimation
  • Operating rooms equipped with a continuous flux of sterilized air, which minimizes the risk of hospital-acquired infections; hemofiltration equipment, "Cell-saver" automatic blood transfusion system, hermetic doors and automatic control panel in the operating room, which indicates the values of sterile air ventilation, humidity, temperature, and which offers a high degree of safety and minimizes the risks of hospital infections.
  • Postoperative care according to international standards 
  • 63 modern single patient rooms in the stationary.

At Medpark we have created and we are continuously developing medical centers of excellence, unique in the private sector and even in the entire national health system, to broaden the access for citizens to quality internationally accredited healthcare services in the country.

  • Family Planning and Health Center (Maternity, In Vitro Fertilization, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Neonatology)

Medpark has the most modern Maternity in Moldova. It consists of three delivery rooms, a delivery room for caesarean sections, neonatology department, which includes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and inpatient facility.

At Medpark the future mothers have the opportunity to monitor their pregnancy, to give birth in the best conditions, to benefit from services designed according to the "all inclusive" principle. A large team of professionals: obstetricians and gynecologists, family physicians, neonatologists, nurses with extensive experience, including the international one, ensured the birth of over 3,000 babies to date.

In Vitro Fertilization Center Medpark offers the full range of modern solutions that can help solve the couples’infertility problems. Due to the quality medical services, appliance of the latest technologies, we have got over 250 happy parents whose dream already came true, and the same amount of babies are about to be born. Success rate and results place us among the best clinics in the world.
Woman’ and child’s health is the duty of our physicians who consult, investigate, and offer solutions to medical problems at any stage of life.

  • Heart Care Center (Cardiology and Cardiosurgery)

We are the only specialized center in Moldova, which has under the same roof a consultative department, inpatient facility, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery department, offering the full range of medical assistance for heart disease.

Since 2013, the Myocardial Infarction Center was included by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova in the National Program of Cardiovascular disease control to take emergencies in the field of cardiovascular pathology. Thus, on duty days Medpark receives patients transferred to emergency care unit with acute myocardial infarction from anywhere in the country. In these cases, our specialists perform angiography, stenting, and in case of emergency can immediately start an open heart surgery.

We have saved thousands of lives during this program. 

Within these 6 years we have managed to raise a new generation of qualified cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, who have been instructed abroad and have a complex approach to the patient’s medical problems. We are proud of the cardiac specialists’ team we have today.  

In July 2016 we have launched the project “Mobile cardio-team in your region”, which will continue during 2017. The project’s aim is to ensure the access for the people from different regions of the country to cardiovascular diseases screenings and their timely diagnosing. We have already made 15 visits to the districts:Drochia, Ștefan-Vodă, Leova, Florești, Ocnița, Edineţ, Soroca, Râșcani, Glodeni, Sângerei, Telenești, Nisporeni, Basarabeasca, Taraclia, Ceadâr-Lunga.We have consulted 1145 patients and have performed 316 express ECGs. All the provided medical assistance was free for the patients with cardiovascular diseases.

  • Surgery Center

The most complex surgery center in the private sector covers the major surgical areas including: general surgery, vascular surgery, urologic surgery, ENT surgery, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, endovascular surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, vertebrology.

Because of the hospital facilities, the professionalism of doctors and nurses in our medical team, the constant care for our patients, Medpark Surgery Center is increasingly chosen by patients for surgery.

The surgeons at Medpark Center are dedicated to bringing the latest in surgical advances to thepatients;this is the reason why our team prefers minimally invasive procedures during surgery, without any major harm to the body. Modern technology and professional team is the key of our concept – One Day Surgery, so the patients will recover and return to their daily activities faster.

Our professional Anesthesiology and intensive care team helps our patients to recover fast and well after any complex surgery. That is why our exclusive in Moldova department is able to save the lives of high-riskpatients.

  • Polyclinic and Emergency Medicine

Every day we are at our patients’ service in the polyclinic. We provide medical assistance and treatment in over 50 medical fields, investigations, laboratory and radiology services. Our Emergency Unit is on call anytime with the nonstop helpline for both adults and children.

Complex approach of our multidisciplinary specialists to emergency cases, supported by laboratory and radiology services, availableat any time – this is the reason why patients choose us.

MEDPARK MISSION is to provide an integrated system of medical services based on prevention, diagnosis and qualitative treatment, brought to standards of excellence where all efforts are focused on the patient and his needs.

MEDPARK VISION is to be a reference institution for the medical sector in the Republic of Moldova and in the region, chosen for quality medical services, professionalism, international practices and innovations.

MEDPARK VALUES represent our philosophy and our beliefs, which guide all our actions and decisions, as individuals and as a team.

WE RESPECT human life and dignity.

WE OFFER CARE for the patients in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

WE DEVELOP professionals recognized internationally.

WE COLLABORATE to find the best solutions for the patient.



  • 03.2011 – First baby born in Medpark
  • 03.2011 – First cardiosurgery made in Medpark
  • 10.2011 – First patient with acute myocardial infarction, successfully operated in Medpark
  • 01.2013 – Launching and continous development of the mammary cancer screening program for women from Soroca city by Medpark. Partners: Ministry of Health and CNAM
  • 02.2013 – First fertilization procedure in IVF laboratory
  • 05.2013 – Medpark becomes first hospital from Moldova acredited by JCI
  • 10.2013 – Official opening of Center of Myocardial Infarction
  • 10.2013 – First babies born by IVF in Medpark, all perfectly healthy
  • 04.2014 – First brain surgery without bistoury, succesfully completed by Medpark team
  • 06.2014 – First embolization for brain aneurysm treatment, performed as a national absolute premiere by Medpark specialists
  • 11.2014 – First intervention from Moldova in which were used flow diverter in combination with coiling for brain aneurysm treatment
  • 12.2014 - First uterine myoma embolization performed succesfully at Medpark by dr. Mihai Crețeanu
  • 04.2016 - Implantation of the first complex device with function of resynchronization and defibrilator (CRT-D)
  • 06.2016 - Medpark was laureate of the Quality Achievements Contest for 2015
  • 07.2016 - Medpark was awarded with the anniversary medal from the Academy of Sciences
  • 01.2017 - Medical premiere: arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cross-ligament in a single intervention
  • 02.2017 - Percutaneous Discectomy - a new minimally invasive method in the surgery of herniated disk
  • 05.2017 - Launch of 1 Day Surgery at Medpark


2011 – Member of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services, founded by the World Health Organization. From the outset, Medpark International Hospital was designed as a social project, with the priority not only to treat patients but also to engage in actions aimed at disease prevention, correct information to the community and thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. These principles have brought us closer to the international community and have helped us to become part of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services since 2011.

2011 – National accreditation. Realizing the importance of having a good control over all the possible processes, regardless of their nature, and a high level of satisfaction in clients and stakeholders, Medpark obtained the national accreditation in 2011. Thus, we offer our customers the guarantee that our services are reliable in terms of quality, are in compliance to health and safety standards and ensure environmental protection.

February 2014 – the Government of the Republic of Moldova granted the entire team of Cardiac Surgery Department of Medpark with a 1st degree Diploma. The Moldovan Government awarded the team of Medpark Cardiac Surgery Department for the significant contribution to improving the quality of services and health care in our country. (Professor Aureliu Batrînac – Head of Cardiac Surgery Department; Dr. Andrei Ureche - cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Pamfil Strîmbopol - anesthetist, coordinator of the intensive care and anesthesiology department, Dr. Igor Matcovschi – perfusionist, Aurelia Bejan – the main medical assistant in the surgery block.)

April 2014 – the Government of Republic of Moldova awarded Olga Şchiopu, the medical director of Medpark International hospital a 1st degree diploma. The Prime Minister, Iurie Leancă, handed her the award "for prodigious activity in the field of medicine, contribution to improvement of health care services in Moldova and remarkable results in healthcare sector development".

June 2014 – The quality of Medpark services appreciated by the City Hall. Due to the quality of the medical act, the general mayor Dorin Chirtoacă, conferred to Medpark hospital an honorary certificate "for outstanding contribution to the organization and delivery of healthcare services to population of Chisinau." Additionally, Rascani district chief handed to our representative a cordial letter of gratitude "for quality healthcare services, for the joy of health, offered to the society".

December 2014 - The efficiency of Medpark services, recognized overseas. Due to the quality of the health care services, the results and achievements at national level and not only, Medpark International Hospital was offered the award of Excellence for Efficient Management, during the Medical Manager Gala organized in Bucharest. 

February 2016 - Olga Șchiopu, general manager Medpark, named Person of the Year by VIP Magazin magazine.  Notable successes are the result of hard work by the whole team, headed by Olga Şchiopu, general manager Medpark. Confirming the importance of the achievements of 2015 comes from the VIP Magazin, which realizes yearly the top of the most remarcable personalitites from various fields. 

June 2016 - Medpark - laureate award for achievements in quality. The award is offered to the companies with notable results în quality of products and services provided and who have implemented efficient methods of quality management. Participants evaluation is made based on a serie of criterias holded on obtained results and posibilities, as well as following an assessment of the company at their location. 

July 2016 - Doctor Aureliu Batrînac, Medpark Medical Director, was awarded the "Nicolae Milescu Spataru" Academic Medal from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova for outstanding and performing results in the medical sciences

July 2016 - On the occasion of the Jubilee of 70 years - since the formation of the first institute and 55 years since the very foundation of the ASM in Moldova, the academy offered a series of anniversary medals, and Medpark had the special honor to receive the anniversary medal, being appreciated as a pioneer in the field of innovation in the Republic of Moldova.