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Medpark Centers

4 Specialties

Heart Care

At Medpark your heart is safe and receives the best care possible, because we are the only private hospital in Moldova, which has developed in accordance with international standards, a center of excellence dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases – Medpark Center of Myocardial Infarction. Our top experts, the most advanced medical diagnostics and treatment technologies allow us to cope with any kind of cardiomyopathy or complications in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. We are committed to the classical surgical and minimally invasive techniques that give the patient the opportunity to take advantage of a faster treatment with minimal discomfort and short-term hospitalization. A comprehensive team of interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of higher category perform the choice of the most effective method of treatment. Why to choose Medpark Heart Care Center: We are the only healthcare center in the Republic of Moldova that performs all the diagnostic and treatment stages in heart diseases, including heart surgery; We have the best experts in the field of cardiac surgery and interventional surgery from Moldova and from abroad; We have the most modern medical equipment enabling us to perform accurate and fast diagnosis and proper treatment; The services at international standards guarantee the safety of medical act and the best results; We are at your disposal every day 24/7 and can intervene at any time for any cardiovascular emergency.
14 Specialties


The health problems requiring surgical treatment can be solved efficiently and safely, because at Medpark Surgery Center you’re in good hands! Professional team The surgery excellence center created by Medpark International Hospital has a team of over 80 surgeons holding international experience, who perform over 5000 surgeries annually, in compliance with international standards. Methods and principles of modern treatment  Due to the professionalism of our doctors, trained in prestigious centers abroad, we are able to offer surgical treatment for a wide range of medical disorders. Currently, over half of the surgeries performed by the Medpark team of surgeons are minimally invasive, and we constantly tend to adopt modern concepts of treatment, based on minimally invasive procedures and painless, without immobilization, without recurrences medical care, and a faster recovery. Thanks to the innovative methods applied in the daily work, the team of Medpark Surgery Center has succeeded in successfully conducting several medical premieres in the Republic of Moldova: The first surgery on brain without a scalpel; The first embolization in the treatment of cerebral aneurysm; The first surgery with the use of a flow diverter combined with coiling in the treatment of cerebral aneurysm etc. The services at international standards offer patient’s safety, guaranteed through attitude and personalized care, through active involvement of the patient in the treatment process and his transformation into a member of the team, by determining the selection criteria of the proper surgery, by performing surgical interventions in maximum safety conditions for the patient and efficient monitoring after the surgery. Advanced equipment The infrastructure of Medpark Surgery Center offers exceptional conditions for diagnostics and surgical treatment of the patients, and namely: 4 operating rooms integrated in the rooms of intensive therapy and reanimation, which allow to see the information from various diagnostic systems (MRI, computer tomography, endoscopy) directly in the sterile compartment of the room. Rooms equipped with a continuous flux of sterilized air, which minimizes the risk of hospital-acquired infections; hemofiltration equipment, “Cell-saver” automatic blood transfusion system, hermetic doors and automatic control panel in the operating room, which indicates the values of sterile air ventilation, humidity, temperature, and which offers a high degree of safety and minimizes the risks of hospital infections. 63 modern single patient rooms in the stationary, equipped with a folding bed for the accompanying person, WiFi, TV and individual sanitary block. Postoperative care according to international standards and complex treatment of rapid rehabilitation, using physiotherapy and chiropractic procedures, applied depending on the condition of the patient.
20 Specialties

Polyclinic and Emergency Medicine

Medpark Consultative Center (Polyclinic) provides primary and continuing care in over 50 medical fields, investigations, laboratory and radiology services. Multidisciplinary approach and modern medical technology available in the hospital ensure accuracy and timeliness in diagnosis . The team of the center, composed of highly qualified specialists is working continually on differential diagnosis of diseases and effective treatment of the patients. In addition, the exceptional conditions of hospitalization and the impeccable behavior of medical staff provides comfort and safety to patients. Doctor evaluation includes: Patient primary consultation, examination: It analyzes the cause for addressing to the doctor; It assesses the objective state of the patient’s organs and systems; It determines the pathological signs and symptoms that could be caused by internal diseases. Laboratory/functional tests (laboratory tests, imaging evaluations: USG, X-rays, CT, MRI, consultation of other specialists etc.); Repeated consultation (examination of the patient after the indicated treatment or investigations carried out); Development of a treatment plan (the treatment prescribed following investigations indicated during the primary consultation, depending on the situation). Why you should choose Medpark: We cover over 50 medical specialties; We provide investigations of medical imaging and laboratory tests in the same place; We have over 200 national and international experienced physicians FREE repeated consultation (during 12 calendar days). Attention! Appointment required on (+373) 22 40 00 40. Medpark Emergencies Unit is an ultramodern subdivision of Medpark International Hospital that covers the widest range of medical emergencies available in the private sector. Medpark Emergencies Unit is on call 24/7 to receive and treat acute and chronic patients, including the ones that are hemodynamically unstable, both adults and children. The multidisciplinary team of the Medpark Emergencies Unit is ready to solve any medical emergency, always having the following specialists 24/24: For adults: internal medicine surgery obstretics and gynecology cardiology ortopedics and traumatology anesthesiology and intensive care unit For children: pediatrics neonatology If necessary, the team is completed in the shortest time with other specialists. All the doctors in the Emergencies Unit are specialized and have extensive experience in emergency healthcare. In addition, they conduct scientific research and engage in actions to promote first aid and a healthy lifestyle.


"We all try to offer what is best to our children. I am very happy that I chose Medpark Maternity."

Savin Oxana

"I have no words to express my gratitude to Medpark Heart Center team. These people make you believe in miracles again."

Cosencova Valentina

"After half a year of pain and suffering from a spinal disc herniation, I finally feel like I had nothing."

Vacarenco Igor

"Anastasia underwent a dental treatment under general anesthesia. We were worried, but she didn't feel anything and after an hour she was playing with other children."

Ecaterina, Anastasia's mother

"Thanks to Medpark cardiosurgical team, I have a new chance to life,  a new chance to enjoy every single moment near my children and my grandchildren."

Nazarova Lionora