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  • Offering medical assistance to the patients  according to job description
  • Respecting  company’s standards;


  • Medical degree;
  • Successful experience as a nurse for a minimum period of 1 year;
  • Flexible personality, energetic and willing to learn new things;
  • Personality oriented to patient-client;
  • Knowledge of Romanian and Russian languages;
  • Ability to use computer well (MS Office).


  • You want to work in an international standards working environment with a professional team;
  • You want an unique experience to develop your competences;
  • You want development opportunities and professional growing by accessing training programs and continuous learning;
  • You want high performance work tools: modern technologies, automatized processes;
  • Social benefits for you and your family.

Please send your resume at: (please indicate the position for which you apply for).
Only selected candidates will be contacted.