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The health problems requiring surgical treatment can be solved efficiently and safely, because at Medpark Surgery Center you’re in good hands!

Professional team

The surgery excellence center created by Medpark International Hospital has a team of over 80 surgeons holding international experience, who perform over 5000 surgeries annually, in compliance with international standards.

Methods and principles of modern treatment 

Due to the professionalism of our doctors, trained in prestigious centers abroad, we are able to offer surgical treatment for a wide range of medical disorders. Currently, over half of the surgeries performed by the Medpark team of surgeons are minimally invasive, and we constantly tend to adopt modern concepts of treatment, based on minimally invasive procedures and painless, without immobilization, without recurrences medical care, and a faster recovery.

Thanks to the innovative methods applied in the daily work, the team of Medpark Surgery Center has succeeded in successfully conducting several medical premieres in the Republic of Moldova:

  • The first surgery on brain without a scalpel;
  • The first embolization in the treatment of cerebral aneurysm;
  • The first surgery with the use of a flow diverter combined with coiling in the treatment of cerebral aneurysm etc.

The services at international standards offer patient’s safety, guaranteed through attitude and personalized care, through active involvement of the patient in the treatment process and his transformation into a member of the team, by determining the selection criteria of the proper surgery, by performing surgical interventions in maximum safety conditions for the patient and efficient monitoring after the surgery.

Advanced equipment

The infrastructure of Medpark Surgery Center offers exceptional conditions for diagnostics and surgical treatment of the patients, and namely:

  • 4 operating rooms integrated in the rooms of intensive therapy and reanimation, which allow to see the information from various diagnostic systems (MRI, computer tomography, endoscopy) directly in the sterile compartment of the room.
  • Rooms equipped with a continuous flux of sterilized air, which minimizes the risk of hospital-acquired infections; hemofiltration equipment, “Cell-saver” automatic blood transfusion system, hermetic doors and automatic control panel in the operating room, which indicates the values of sterile air ventilation, humidity, temperature, and which offers a high degree of safety and minimizes the risks of hospital infections.
  • 63 modern single patient rooms in the stationary, equipped with a folding bed for the accompanying person, WiFi, TV and individual sanitary block.
  • Postoperative care according to international standards and complex treatment of rapid rehabilitation, using physiotherapy and chiropractic procedures, applied depending on the condition of the patient.

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