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Polyclinic and Emergency Medicine

Medpark Consultative Center (Polyclinic) provides primary and continuing care in over 50 medical fields, investigations, laboratory and radiology services.

Multidisciplinary approach and modern medical technology available in the hospital ensure accuracy and timeliness in diagnosis .


Emergencies unit

Medpark Emergencies Unit is an ultramodern subdivision of Medpark International Hospital that covers the widest range of medical emergencies available in the private sector. Medpark…

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Check-up programs

Check your health in only one day – complete health check-up programs  To be healthy means first of all to prevent the disease. At this…

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Cosmetic aesthetic treatments – for the beauty of your skin MESOTHERAPY Our skin is a protective, impenetrable barrier that does not allow substances to reach…

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Ultrasonography (ultrasound) is a diagnosis method using ultrasounds, which is non invasive and does not use ionizing radiation, and it can be performed repeatedly, upon…

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Medpark International Hospital provides, to all who suffer from different endocrine disorders, a complete medical circuit through a comprehensive program of diagnosis and treatment that…

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Laser Epilation

For permanent hair removal we use the latest generation Candela Max Pro Alexandrite Laser. For a comfortable and painless procedure, the laser features an attached…

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Gastroenterology is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and chronic hepatitis in humans. Gastroenterology branch that studies the liver,…

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Medpark Clinical Laboratory has modern equipment, which meets the most stringent quality requirements and ensures a high quality service and efficiency for each patient. We…

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