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Heart Care

At Medpark your heart is safe and receives the best care possible, because we are the only private hospital in Moldova, which has developed in accordance with international standards, a center of excellence dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases – Medpark Center of Myocardial Infarction. Our top experts, the most advanced medical diagnostics and treatment technologies allow us to cope with any kind of cardiomyopathy or complications in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


Cardiac surgery

At Medpark International Hospital, which is your expert in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, we offer you a full range of cardiovascular surgical…

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Interventional cardiology

Interventional cardiology is a modern, revolutionary branch in cardiology. Being the result of a combination between classic cardiology and cardiac surgery, it offers large benefits…

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Cardiology and cardiological diagnostics

Cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of mortality worldwide, require a comprehensive approach. A correct and high precision diagnosis established on time, is the…

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