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Check-up programs

Complete health check-up programs

Check your health in only one day

To be healthy means first of all to prevent the disease. At this point, any disease in its early stage can be treated with good results. For you and your loved ones we designed check-up programs, categorized by age, sex or condition, in order to completely and rapidly assess your health. The results are delivered on the same day, accompanied by a medical letter with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. By thus, even the busiest persons will be satisfied with a rapid outcome of a complete health check-up.

What is a medical check-up

A health check-up (health program) is a modern method to verify your health which implies an overall examination, including laboratory tests, imaging investigations, functional exploration and specialty consultations. Through prophylactic control, the overall condition of the body is evaluated thoroughly, in order to diagnose certain diseases early, but also to detect risk factors for health.

The services included in the health check-ups offered by Medpark were carefully selected according to international medical standards for prophylaxis and diagnosis. The check-up programs include specific tests, analyzes and medical consultations with our specialists, which are always up to date with the latest innovations in medicine.

Who can benefit from health check-ups

The check-up is a health assessment tool suitable for anyone, whether suffering from a disease, or presenting certain symptoms or who doesn’t have any known symptoms and disorders. Even if you feel healthy, a full medical check-up conducted at Medpark will help to exclude health risks, to prevent possible development of pathologies and to treat those who are in the early stages, before they threaten your health. In addition, thanks to an efficient dedicated circuit, the check-ups are carried out quickly, Medpark being the perfect solution for busy persons.

How it works

To make a prophylactic control you need a prior appointment by phone (+373 22) 40 00 40 or by the hospital receptions.

Attention: laboratory tests are carried out on an empty stomach.

Consultations and analysis within the check-ups are made in limited time, the results being interpreted by a team of experienced physicians, allowing early diagnosis of disorders or risk conditions of developing a disease.

The medical report comes on the same day, accompanied by individual recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and elimination of health risk factors. If necessary, medication or rehabilitation will be prescribed. It is recommended to repeat the medical examination annually, in order to detect any deviations timely, before they cause problems.

Why should you choose Medpark health check-ups:
  • You have access to complete health assessment programs: specialist consultations, laboratory and radiology investigations;
  • You use your time efficiently: Medpark has developed a special circuit dedicated to health programs that facilitate the patient access to all the services included in the program in a record time;
  • You benefit from the expertise of top physicians;
  • You receive the entire program evaluation results on the same day.
Available medical check-ups:


According to sex and age

For children

According to disease

According to interest

Our experts will help you choose the package that suits you, to get the best diagnosis. For appointments and additional information, ask at the Medpark reception or call: (+373 22) 40 00 40.