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Balan Iulian

Balan Iulian

Plastic surgeon


2010-2014: Residency in General Surgery, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” Chisinau, Moldova
2004-2010: State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” Chisinau, Moldova University medical

Professional experience:

2011-present: Plastic surgeon, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department, International Hospital Medpark, Chisinau, Moldova


2015: XII Congress of the Association of Surgeons “Nicolae Anestiadi” with participation internmaţională, Chisinau, Moldova 2015: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the abdominal wall, Chisinau, Moldova
2015: European Congress of Laparoscopy and Robotics “Challenges in Laparoscopy and Robotics, Istanbul, Turkey 2011: XI Congress of the Association of Surgeons” Nicolae Anestiadi “with participation internmaţională, Chisinau, Moldova
2011-2014: Subspecialisation plastic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive, Atasehir Memorial Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Member of:

Surgeons Association “Nicolae Anestiadi”, Chisinau, Moldova


2013: “Calf Contouring with Endoscopic Release fasciitis, Calf Implant, and Structural Fat grafting” in collaboration with Ercan Karacaoglu, MD and Richard J. Zienowicz, MD, Awarded “Best International Collaboration Paper” by the American Society of Plastic Plugs Surgeons

Known languages:

Romanian, Russian, English, Turkish