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Petakh Andrei

Petakh Andrei

Plastic surgery consultant (at the invitation)


2000-2002: Clinic internship in surgery, National Academy of Medicine P. L. Shupik, Kiev, Ukraine
1998-2000: Residency studies in surgery
1998: State University from Ujgorod, Faculty of Medicine, Ujgorod, Ukraine

Professional experience:

2015: Plastic surgeon, Medpark International Hospital, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2002: Surgeon, Departament of plastic and microvascular surgery, Institute of Surgery and Transplantation “A.A. Shalimov AMH”, Kiev, Ukraine


2008: Ist and IInd meeting of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgerons from Ukraine, Kiev
2008: XIth congress of Plastic Surgeons from Italy and America, Bologna, Italy
2007: Aesthetic facial surgery (under the supervision of D. Marshak, A.E. Belousova), Kiev, Ukraine
2007: Functional and aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty (under the supervision of K.P. Pşenisnov), Odesa, Ukraine
2007: Specialization course in angiography and roentgenoendovascular surgery
2007: Postgraduate course on aesthetic and plastic surgery (under the supervision of B. Mendelsen), Seoul, Korea
2007: Meeting of American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic surgery, New York, USA
2006: Breast implants (under the supervision of P. Heden), Kiev, Ukraine
2006: Modern methods of breast reduction and reconstruction (under the supervision of L.Ribeiro), Kiev, Ukraine
2006: Aesthetic surgery of the breast (under the supervision of M.Nava), Milano, Italy
2006: XVIIIth congress of European Association of Cranio-maxillofacial surgery, Barcelona, Spain
2006: XVIIIth congress of International Association of Aesthetic-Plastic surgery, Rio de Jainero, Brazil
2005: Specialization in vascular surgery, KMAPO
2004-2005: Specialization in otorhynolaryngology,  Military Medical Academy, Kiev, Ukraine
2003: Slovak Symposium of Plastic Surgery, Koshitse, Slovakia
2003: IVth international congress of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Iaroslav, Russia
2002: Breast implants (under the supervision of P. Heden), Moscow, Russia
2001: Aesthetic facial surgery, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction (under the supervision of N.O. Milanov), Moscow, Russia
2001: IInd International congress of aesthetic and plastic surgery, Moscow, Russia
2001: IIIrd Congress congres al Asociaţiei Chirurgilor N.I. Pirogov, Moscow, Russia


Is the author and co-author of more than 65 scientific publications that appeared in: „Ukraine Surgery”, „Transplantation”, „Clinic surgery”, „Annals of plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery”, „Plastic surgery and esthetic dermatology”, etc. and owns over 15 patents in Ukraine.


2004-2006: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine scholarship for young scientists

Known languages:

Russian, Ukrainian, English