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Rosleacova Tatiana

Rosleacova Tatiana

Medical oncologist, consultant

Areas of professional interest:

• Treatment of oncological pathologies of any complexity (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy)
• Outpatient consultation of patients
• Conduct of patients at all stages of treatment
• Monitoring patients after completion of treatment
• Treatment of patients in accordance with international standards (including targeted therapy, immunotherapy)
• Treatment according to the individual molecular profile of the tumor
• Therapy of the formations of the lungs, mammary gland, colon, head and neck, prostate,
stomach, soft tissue sarcoma, cervical cancer, bladder,
kidneys and other tumors


1997 – 1999: Internment at the base of the Regional Oncodispenser in Zaporizhia. Clinical oncology, Ukraine
1992 – 1997: Zaporizhia State University of Medicine, specializing in oncology, Ukraine
1990 – 1992: Kharkiv Medical University, Ukraine

Professional experience:

2019 – present: Medical oncologist, consultant, Medpark International Hospital, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2019 – present: Clinical oncologist, main specialist, Eurolab clinic, Kiev, Ukraine
2017 – 2019: Clinical oncologist, main specialist, Spizhenko Oncological Medical Center, Kiev, Ukraine
2011-2017 Medical director, main oncologist, radiotherapist, European Center for Oncology Innovation, Kiev, Ukraine
2009 – 2011: Clinical Oncologist, Radiotherapist, “Lisod” Oncology Center, Kiev, Ukraine
2007 –2009: Pediatric Oncologist, National Cancer Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
2000 – 2007: Chief Oncologist Central District Hospital, Zaporozhye, Ukraine


2011-2019: Annual participations in ESMO Congresses
2018: European Congress ELCC
2017: School of Immunotherapy, Israel
2014: ASCO Congress, USA
2011: Radiotherapy course, ESTRO
2011: Practical internship in a mammology center, Prof. Friedrich Clinic, Hamburg
2010: Participant of the International School of Radio Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

Member of:

Plenipotentiary member of the European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology, ESTRO
Plenipotentiary member of the European Society of Medical Oncology, ESMO

Known languages:

Ukrainian, Russian, English