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Calf augmentation (Calf implants)


Calf implants are a wonderful technique that can ”fill” your thin calves for correcting the whole appearance of your legs. They are of an elongated shape and are placed between the superficial and deep layers of calf muscles. These implants are similar in fact with those used for breast and buttock augmentation.


This method is a revolutionary one and doesn’t affect your legs’ functionality. Your surgeon will use an endoscope introduced through a 2-3 cm cut on the back of your knees to gently separate the muscle layers and introducing the implant itself. These cuts are closed with stiches and became invisible in a couple of months.

The surgery takes approximately 1 hour for both calves and is performed under general anesthesia. You can start walking immediately after the surgery, but will usually stai in hospital overnight.

For a month you will use special compressing socks. The cosmetic effect from the surgery is immediate! You will be really amazed how you can get rid of thin calves and croocked legs within a day. If performed in combination with lower extremity liposuction, calf augmentation provides a perfect leg aspect, visually elongating them. You will be able to wear any clothes you wish.