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Get to know your doctor: Eugen Gavriliuc

11 Aug, 2015

Eugen Gavriliuc – neurologist who treats the patients according to French standards

Dr. Eugen Gavriliuc is a professional neurologist for whom the neurological disorders have no secrets anymore. Thanks to his advanced knowledge in this area, but also due to the high performance equipment of Medpark, dr. Gavriliuc detects and treats even the most complicated neurological disorders, including cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction.

He improved his skills in fighting with neurological disorders alongside the most appreciated French specialists from the Reference Center for neuromuscular disorders of the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital. Within this medical institution in Paris, the Moldovan doctor EugenGavriliuc did an internship for one year and has acquired a rich experience in neurological treatments. Furthermore, he managed to get new specializations, in compliance with international requirements.

Patients trust him, because he knows how to treat them not only with medication, but also with respect. Perhaps this quality of his determined him to decide to specialize in the field neuro-rehabilitation.

He could remain in France, but he wanted to apply all the knowledge he gained to the benefit of the patients who were waiting for him at home, within Medpark International Hospital, where doctors of world class have „green light” in the applying the most innovative techniques and methods of treatment.

The Parisian quality of medical services determined him to return to France for training. He also had specialized internships and trainings in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, where he learned to adjust the specifics of Moldovan health care to European standards. Only last year he did four such internships. As a result, he gained new skills related to the treatment of neuro-immunological disorders, inflammatory diseases and disorders related to multiple sclerosis.