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Corporate health programs

Corporate health insurance – for a healthy and attractive corporate environment

Optional insurance programs address the corporate clients willing to invest in the safety and motivation of their employees, giving them the benefit of a private health insurance.

Medpark created two optional health insurance programs: Health+ and GraweMed, developed under the conditions of voluntary medical insurance provided by the companies “Donaris Group” SA and “GRAWECARAT”. These services include comprehensive medical insurance diagnosis and treatment (medical imaging, laboratory, surgery, hospitalization etc.).

Voluntary health insurance supplements the services offered within the mandatory health policy, by offering customers a range of benefits and services available 24/24 hours, which can be adapted and customized according to individual needs.

Each insurance program provides medical services that are available to the voluntary health insurance holder in the following circumstances:

  • an acute illness;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • consequences of accidents (contusions, concussions, fractures, dislocations, organ damage, combustion, acute poisoning with plants, chemicals, drugs, toxins etc.);
  • anaphylactic shock.
3 reasons to choose our insurances as an employer
  • Increased productivity. Access to quality services offered by Medpark will significantly reduce the number of illnesses and medical leaves. In addition, the care and concern showed by the employer will influence positively and directly the quality of work and employee involvement in the company’s development.
  • Loyal key employees. Voluntary health insurance is a valuable tool for retaining key employees, by thus reducing the personnel flow and related costs.
  • Tax advantages. According to tax legislation into force, the company’s expenses for employee health optional insurance are deductible from taxable income, so the program costs are reduced considerably.
5 reasons to choose our insurances as an employee
  • Quality healthcare services. Beneficiaries are provided with comprehensive medical services at international standards (from specialty consultations and laboratory investigations and imaging, to complex surgical interventions and emergency assistance).
  • No bureaucracy. Insurance holders are consulted directly by specialists, without obtaining a referral or extracts from the family doctor and without limiting the treatment period. In addition, there are no waiting queues.
  • No extra costs. The cost of medicines used in the inpatient and outpatient treatment provided within the insurance programs, and the cost of prescribed drugs for outpatient administration are covered within the limits stipulated by the accessed program.
  • Continuous medical assistance. Insurance holder can access the services stipulated in the insurance program at any time, 24 of 24 hours, 7 days out of 7.
  • Health for the whole family. The members of employees’ families (spouse, children and parents, regardless of age) may benefit from the optional insurance at the same advantageous price, negotiated for the insured company.

For more details about Medpark corporate packages, call us on (+373) 79 776 575.