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Prices and promotions

  • The second consultation at discounted price

The second consultation of the patients is essential in some cases for analyzing the results of the investigations and the follow-up on treatment. This is why at Medpark the second consultation at the polyclinic (at the same doctor) is at discounted price 30 days, in the case of pediatric consultation – 10 days.

Doctor consultation – 490 lei, repeated consultation – 300 lei, within 30 days

Coctor in medical sciences consultation – 550 lei, repeated consultation – 330 lei, within 30 days

Professor doctor – 650 lei, reapeted consultation – 390 lei, within 30 days

  • Emergency consultations, 24/7

Within Medpark, the Emergency Unit is available 24/7, with 6 lines of services: pediatrics, cardiology, intensive care for newborns, surgery, gynecology, therapy, traumatology.

Emergency consultation – 550 lei, repeated consultation – 330 lei, within 24 hours

  • Free electrocardiogram during the consultation of the cardiologist

In order to have a clinical picture as complete as it is possible, electrocardiogram can be performed during the consultation of the cardiologist, if necessary.

  • Free diagnosis and treatment of the myocardial infarction

Diagnosis and treatment of infarctions, of CNAM resources, based on referral letters, in the limits of the available budget: angiography, stenting, FREE hospitalization.

  • Surgical interventions with everything included

Within Medpark, we perceive Surgical Interventions as a complex set of services, all included in the price of the surgery. Surgery patients benefit here from complete modern anesthesia and specialized intensive therapy.

Surgery price = Preoperative analysis + ECG + Anesthesiologist consultation + Intervention + Operative bandages + Medicine + Hospitalization (standard number of days) + 4 meals / day + Postoperative consultation 

The price of the surgical intervention can be estimated only after the surgeon consultation, as there might be different types of interventions and the doctor will decide which is the best for you.

We recommend that you plan to Medpark surgeons to get the best solutions for you.

  • The largest integrated laboratory in the country and the only integrated laboratory in the private medical sector

Medpark Laboratory offers a full range of medical analyzes.

Medpark Laboratory Price List

  • Therapeutic hospitalization for children, at a special price

Parents with small children seek medical attention more often, and this is why Medpark offers you 40% discount on hospitalization for therapeutic purposes, starting with the second day of hospitalization

  • Birth packages with everything included

See the prices for all birth packages by accessing the LINK.

  • Free neonatal intensive therapy in case of medical necessity*

The hospital offers free specialized medical services and care in the first 10 days of treatment in intensive neonatal therapy. After the 10th day of the treatment, the treatment will be provided at standard tariffs. The medicines used will be paid for separately (at the price of the acquisition).

  • Complete medical check-up packages at discount prices

Medical check-ups combine different sets of investigations and consultations for the evaluation of the general state of health, with results within the same day. The price of the services package is 30% smaller than if you would take each investigation separately.

When buying 3 check-up packages you can receive 25% discount for the package with the lowest price.

Medical check-up = Set of laboratory analyses + imagistic investigations + doctors’ consultation

See the prices for all complete medical check-up packages by accessing the LINK.

  • Free In Vitro fertilization consultation

Even at the first consultation, which is free, the reproductologist can determinate the most effective method for you, to get desired pregnancy.

  • All inclusive In Vitro fertilization packages 

See the price for the In Vitro fertilization by accessing the LINK.

  • Discount on birth package for Medpark In Vitro fertilization patients

The offer includes natural birth or via C-section at a unique price of 18 000 MDL, for pregnancy following the In Vitro Fertilization procedure at Medpark.

  • Free hair transplant consultation

Even at the first consultation, which is free, you can find out all the details about hair transplant, price, necessary analyses, and you can get an appointment for the procedure.

Medpark uses a modern FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) – a minimally invasive procedure, without incisions or sutures.
For more information about the prices, contact us at the following phone number: (+373) 22 40 00 40 (available 24/7)

  • Promotional pricing for Laser Epilation

A Painless procedure. Easy. With a definitive result in just a few sessions. Now available only at Medpark – Laser epilation with Candela Max Pro Alexandrite!

Medpark Laser Epilation PRICE LIST

For more information regarding our prices call us on +373 22 40 0 040 (available 24/24).