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Pathological Anatomy

No oncological treatment can begin without the anatomical-pathological examination. It is a mandatory stage of diagnosis in oncological conditions, because there are many types of tumors and each one requires different treatment schemes. Any inaccuracy at this stage can affect the evolution of the disease and the quality of the patient’s life.

Pathological anatomy involves specialized doctors examining portions of tissue affected by cancer. Tissues are taken after biopsy, surgery or other procedures, and are subsequently sent to the laboratory.

In the laboratory the doctor processes the tissues and examines them under the microscope in order to determine the character of the cells, whether they are malignant or benign. Sometimes additional manipulations using agents are required to track cell behavior.

Anatomical-pathological examinations include:

  • Histopathological examination for biopsies and tissues taken surgically;
  • Immunohistochemistry;
  • Conventional or liquid Babeș-Papanicolau cervicovaginal cytology;
  • Molecular and genetic biology, etc.

The interpretation of the anatomical-pathological examination results is done by the doctors specialized in each field (cytologist, morphologist).
Based on the pathological results, the doctors accurately assess what type of cancer cells were confirmed and which treatment scheme is the most recommended in this case. The patient must also be provided all the information in this pathological report.

  • Multidisciplinary team that collaborates to identify the best treatment plan for each patient (“Tumor Board”), consisting of: medical oncologist, morphopathologist, radiologist, surgeon, radiotherapist, psychotherapist and specialized nurses;
  • Providing complete support to patients, from screening, diagnosis, to treatment of the most complex cases and post-treatment monitoring;
  • Performing diagnostic equipment and modern surgical infrastructure;
  • Treatment methods according to international guidelines and protocols;
  • High quality medicines and supplies;
  • Collaboration with top hospitals worldwide specialized in oncology, for a second medical opinion and for carrying out treatments that cannot be performed in the country.
  • Medpark International Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International – the highest level of appreciation in the medical field, which guarantees the quality of services and patient’s safety.
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