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Oncological diagnosis

Establishing a correct and detailed diagnosis is the first and most important stage for planning oncological treatment.

Most often the tumors are detected during routine investigations: ultrasound, radiographs or during specific screenings. Confirmation or exclusion of the cancer diagnosis is carried out with the help of more advanced investigations.

After the cancer is diagnosed (morphological confirmation) it is necessary to stage it, that is, to determine the degree of spread of cancer cells in the body. Tumor staging also includes further investigations.

Depending on the type of cancer, the oncology diagnostic methods available at Medpark include:

  • Needle biopsy – the gold standard recommended by international guidelines in the diagnosis of cancers in breasts, lymph nodes, prostate and thyroid. The procedure is minimally invasive, it is carried out in an outpatient setting in a few minutes, but it is the most informative. With the help of a needle, a portion of the affected tissue is taken, and the cells are examined under a microscope to detect pathological changes.
  • PET-CT – only available at Medpark. PET-CT scanning is the most advanced method of cancer diagnosis today. In the Republic of Moldova it is only available at Medpark International Hospital. PET-CT is an integrated medical imaging technique that combines 2 types of scanning: PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computerized tomography). The investigation is used for early diagnosis of cancer, localization, tumor staging, early detection of relapses, metastases and evaluation of treatment efficiency in oncological conditions.
  • Scintigraphy is a modern imaging technique, used in nuclear medicine, which allows the detection of numerous diseases that can be found both structurally and functionally, at the level of the bone system and the thyroid.
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Mammography etc.

When the cancer is detected early, the chances of recovery are higher, but also in advanced stages modern medicine offers more and more treatment solutions.

  • Multidisciplinary team that collaborates to identify the best treatment plan for each patient (“Tumor Board”), consisting of: medical oncologist, morphopathologist, radiologist, surgeon, radiotherapist, psychotherapist and specialized nurses;
  • Providing complete support to patients, from screening, diagnosis, to treatment of the most complex cases and post-treatment monitoring;
  • Performing diagnostic equipment and modern surgical infrastructure;
  • Treatment methods according to international guidelines and protocols;
  • High quality medicines and supplies;
  • Collaboration with top hospitals worldwide specialized in oncology, for a second medical opinion and for carrying out treatments that cannot be performed in the country.
  • Medpark International Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International – the highest level of appreciation in the medical field, which guarantees the quality of services and patient’s safety.
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