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In Vitro Fertilization

Success rate is over 55% at the top clinics in Europe.

In Vitro Fertilization Medpark offers a full range of modern solutions which can help couples who are facing infertility – a problem which is affecting 15% of couples in our country.

The IVF Medpark provides quality medical services using the latest technologies in the field.

An all-inclusive IVF Package is transparent

The IVF treatment cycle starts with ovarian stimulation and ends with embryo transfer.

Services included in the IVF Package:

1. Clinical services:

  • The doctor’s consultations;
  • The doctor’s examination;
  • Ultrasound observations;
  • Folliculometry (monitoring of follicular development);
  • Follicular puncture and suction of oocytes (OPU);
  •  Anesthesia during the OPU;
  •  Oocyte fertilization;
  • Single transfer of embryo (-s) during the IVF treatment cycle.

2. IVF Laboratory services:

  •  Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI);
  •  Embryo cultivation;
  •  Embryo cryopreservation;
  •  Sperm cryopreservation (for the patients whose sperm is obtained through the TESE method – first year of storage charge free);
  •  Spermogram.

3. Hormonal monitoring (Estradiol, LH, Progesteron, β-hCG ).

4. Serologic tests (HBsAg, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV, MRS)

5. The drugs used in IVF treatment (the drugs used for ovarian stimulation, the specific drugs used during and after OPU, the specific drugs used after embryo transfer).

The secret of Medpark’s success resides from:
  • international medical team;
  • provide the most advanced and cutting edge services;
  • success rate is over 55% at the top clinics in Europe;
  • individual approach and couples counseling;
  • an all-inclusive IVF Package of services;
  • medicines of the highest quality;
  • investigations conducted in the same place;
  • patients monitoring after the procedure and during the pregnancy;
  • the possibility to gave birth to the long-awaited child in safe conditions.

The services which are not included in the IVF Package
(additionally charged)

  • TESE, PESA (sperm extraction from testicles)
  • Cyst aspiration (Ultrasound-guided)
  • PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis )
  • Non-IVF treatments and doctor’s examination
  • Non-IVF specific drugs
  • All the tests carried out after the initial β-hCG test in the IVF treatment cycle
  • Follow-up of resulting pregnancy and delivery
  • Storage of frozen embryos and gametes more than one year

More than 700 parents have already seen their dream come true and many babies are still about to be born.

Birth Package IVF Medpark

The special offer for the patients In vitro fertilization includes birth or cesarean birth at a unique price of  22 000 MDL.

Follow-up monitoring pregnance package enters into force at the 10th-12th week of pregnancy.

Because you need more care.

Consultation is free to Medpark reproductive physician

For appointment to dr. Diana Al Faraj and dr. Victoria Ghimpu,  please contact us at 022 40 00 40 (available 24/24).